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Study the market thoroughly to stay ahead of the competition. There are currently over 5 million mobile games and apps available in digital stores. Every day, developers release new products. It is tricky to cover such a volume of data on your own. Asolytics makes your job easier by giving you access to the modern mobile apps market analysis tools.
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Explore app store stats

Our app store statistics give you a deeper look into the state of the market and the position of your competitors. You can understand what is in demand in a particular region and improve your strategy. Our Play Market and App Store stats include data on the following parameters:

  • the product type (games or apps);
  • monetization strategy (free or paid);
  • demanded categories;
  • popular services;
  • top developers;
  • ratings, and so on.

The market situation changes every day. Therefore, we regularly update app statistics to provide you with up-to-date data. Having knowledge about the top performers on the market or new regions you plan to conquer can help you enhance your product and marketing strategy. Visual mobile app statistics are the key to your success.

How to Get the Most Out of Statistics
You no longer need to guess which direction is the most popular in the country you need. Just open the app store category statistics, and you will see what users are addicted to. Demand changes quite often, so with our help, you can follow all the changes in the app market data in real-time.
Collaboration check icon Track the dynamics of your or a new category
Collaboration check icon Analyze the needs of the target audience
Collaboration check icon Offer the most demanded product
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1. Analyze
Assess the market situation: popular categories, titles, publishers, and services. Understand what consumers are in demand right now.
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2. Adjust
Adjust to current users’ needs to offer the most relevant app.
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3. Watch the result
Track the results of your optimization and enjoy the growing number of downloads.
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