Simply Entertaining

Simply Entertaining is a mobile app company that makes apps of the following categories: Photography, Tools, and Entertainment.

There are currently 8 apps by Simply Entertaining on the Play Market with an average rating of 4.36. The total number of installs of Simply Entertaining apps on Google Play makes up 231000, and the total number of comments - 10552. The most popular apps are Slick - Auto Background Changer & Eraser, Flash Alerts on Call, SMS & Notifications, and Font Rush apps judging by the number of installs and the number of comments. Slick - Auto Background Changer & Eraser received 100000 installs and 7479 comments, Flash Alerts on Call, SMS & Notifications obtained 50000 installs and 1359 comments, and Font Rush got 50000 installs and 1353 comments from users.

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