BabyBus Kids Games

BabyBus Kids Games is a mobile app company that creates apps of the following categories: Pretend Play, Parenting, Family, Ages 5 & Under, Ages 6-8, and Ages 9 & Up.

There are currently 104 apps by BabyBus Kids Games on the Play Market with an average rating of 4.04. The total number of installs of BabyBus Kids Games apps on Google Play comprises 505600000, and the total number of comments - 2044164. The most popular apps are Baby Panda's Supermarket, Baby Panda Care, and Little Panda's Restaurant apps judging by the number of installs and the number of comments. Baby Panda's Supermarket got 50000000 installs and 188376 comments, Baby Panda Care obtained 10000000 installs and 130326 comments, and Little Panda's Restaurant received 10000000 installs and 110374 comments from users.

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