My Princess 3 - Noble Ice Princess Revenge

My Princess 3 - Noble Ice Princess Revenge

(Based on 1,190 votes)
(Based on 1,190 votes)

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My Princess 3 - Noble Ice Princess Revenge is not on the Top Apps Categories from Google Play
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My Princess 3 - Noble Ice Princess Revenge is not on the Top Apps Rankings from Google Play

App Description

Winter Princess Revenge time! Ice Princess is invited to her prince charming ex’s big wedding day! Can you dress up winter princess the most enchanting look of the night? Then you can show up as the most stunning princewss at princess dancing party! Sweet princess Ashley VS Ice Queen! Who will win the wedding dance battle on the crazy wedding day! So much princess activities like princess salon, tea party, princess dress up, princess salon spa are waiting for little princess!

Ice Princess Party Features
1.Royal wedding bells are ringing! Noble Princess showed up on her prince charming ex’s crazy wedding day. Will there be girl’s battle between sweet bride Ashley and Ice Princess?
2.Princesa Ashley needs you on her perfect wedding day! If you love princess makeover salon, you are the perfect candidate for this job. You know, wedding game is one of the most amazing makeup and dress up games!
3.Before princess wedding, princesse needs princess salon spa to get perfect condition on her wedding day! Enjoy girly princess salon in our games for princess!
4.Join the bride at princess house and create the perfect wedding looking~ Don’t forget help princesse change new bridal dresses for the bride before the party dancing in our princess party~.
5.Do you know where the best dance school is? Of course the princess party! You are the noble princess, remember be careful and avoid dance clash in our dancing game for girls!
6.Move now, dancing queens! Help ice queen win sweet medals in dance battle! Experience exciting dancing game in our princess game for free!
7.Prince boy is waving at you! You can’t miss the dancing party of princess wedding! Before the pink party, princesa needs stunning makeup and perfect dressup!
8.Give the Ice Princess a fantasy princess wedding! Let the prince and princess
9.Are you a real fashionista? If so, My princess 3 –Ice Princess Revenge is the best place to show off your makeup talent!
10.Party dancing time! You are dancing queen on the ball! Prince Charming is waiting patiently when you are wearing amazing makeover and beautiful princess dressing in our girly dancing games!
11.Winter princess wants a tea party! The sweet princess is lucky to have you to help her with busy princess party! Enjoy princess fun in our princess salon games!
12.Every girl wants a pink party, and so does Ice Princess who is at her sweet 16. It is the first time that Ice Princess becomes the host. Come and enjoy this princess game with our princewss!
13.You are famous beauty influencer. Wash and brush princess long hair in our princess salon spa games! Our girly princess salon spa is waiting for you!

If you are a fun of princess game, you can’t miss My princess 3 –Ice Princess Revenge. Become dancing queen and have princess fun in our girly princess games for free! Download the salon games for girls now!

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princess 13.86%
wedding 3.61%
party 3.61%
dancing 3.01%
ice 3.01%
salon 2.71%
games 2.11%
game 1.81%
perfect 1.51%
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