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PlayerXo - Music Player

(Based on 2,277 votes)
(Based on 2,277 votes)

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App Description

To relax you from your hectic daily life here is an awesome MP3 player app PlayerXo - Music Player.

Stylish , powerful and fast music player app with graceful design and background. This is the best music audio player app you will ever see.

There are some stunning music features that are crafted in the app. You will love to use these features.

The best music player and audio player!!

Some of the astonishing features of the app are as follows:

1- Customizable playlists of songs
2- 5 bands equalizer from low bass to high improving the quality of songs
3- Create and edit playlist
4- Browse and play music by albums, artists, songs, folders, playlists
5- Extraordinary effects to listen high quality songs
6- Fast searching and scanning of music
7- Hd quality audio songs
8- Reverb that adds some astounding effects to music
9- Order queue of songs
10- music progress bar for an easy navigation while listening the song
11- Easy notification control while listening beautiful songs
12- Lock screen widget
13- Home screen widget
14- Smart widget
15- Optimized and user friendly ui
16- Enqueue a song
17- Manage artwork
18- Details about all the songs
19- Share songs and Delete songs
20- Search music by song ,artists or albums
21- Then the songs you just listen are in the recent play tab
22- It contains sleep as well that you can set accordingly
23- Easily set any song as your default ringtone within seconds.
24- Swipe to change songs in play screen
25- Shake to change songs in play screen

All of these extra ordinary features are present in the app and one of the most important feature is that the app is completely free on google play store. You don’t have to pay a penny to download it.
So if you want to feel relaxed and happy then download the app and listen beautiful and stunning audio\mp3 songs.

More about this music player:
This best android music player/ mp3 player provides you powerful equalizer. And you can design your own equalizer mode.

This good android music player/ mp3 player provides you quick search. And you can search all music and audio files, easy to support all music & audio file formats.

This wonderful music player/ mp3 player also provides themes, such as colorful themes, pure themes etc.

This music player is a stylish , powerful and fast music player with elegant design .
The unique equalizer make your music sounds more professional.
You are free to control the music style now.
This music player is an intuitive, lightweight and powerful music player for android.
It is a music player support volume booster,bass booster.
It is a music player with high volume.
It is a music player support m4a.
It is a music player for mobile.

PlayerXo it free audio music player can only play your local MP3 music files.
It is not an MP3 music downloader and as a result it cannot download MP3 music files. It only plays MP3 files already on your phone.
Some devices may not support 3D reverb effects.
It depends on the hardware of the device.We apologize, if it does not work in your device.

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PlayerXo - Music Player is not on the Top Apps Categories from Google Play
Top Apps Rankings
PlayerXo - Music Player is not on the Top Apps Rankings from Google Play

Keyword Density Analyzer

Keyword cloud

music 10.24%
player 7.51%
songs 4.78%
app 2.73%
audio 2.39%
play 2.05%
song 1.37%
support 1.37%
files 1.37%
Words density
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1 playerxo - -
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