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UK Radio Player

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App Description

UK Radio Stations is an app enabling you to listen to all top UK radio stations easily.

By using this application, you can enjoy all free popular radio stations anytime and anywhere with fast speed without cache. Additionally, the list of radio stations is constantly updated with perfect listening taste.

Features and functions of UK Radio FM:
? Free but adequate features that can satisfy listeners' demand
? Simple interface, easy to use and convenient for even first time users
? Timer off function enables you to enjoy listening freely without having to wake up to turn it off
? With sharing function, you can easily share this wonderful app with your friends.
? Your favorite stations can be added to Favorites, enabling your later listening to be easier.

Don’t hesitate to select this app, it will be perfect app for your choice.

Available radio stations:
BBC Guernsey
BBC Hereford & Worcester
BBC Lincolnshire
BBC London 94.9
BBC Newcastle
BBC Oxford
British Radio Free
Live England Radio Stations
UK Radio FM AM
Magic 105.4 (London)
Mansfield 103.2
Manx Radio
Metro Radio
Kiss 100/101/105
Jazz FM
Smooth Radio London 102.2
BBC 5 live
talkSPORT World
Ministry of Sound Radio
Chill FM
BBC 6 Music
Absolute Radio 105.8
Absolute 90s
XFM London
BBC London
Minster FM
Mix 96
Nation Hits / Nation 80s
Nation Radio
Northsound 1
Northsound 2
Norwich 99.9
Oak FM
Original 106
Peak FM
Pirate FM
Planet Rock
Pulse 2
Radio Borders
Radio Carmarthenshire
Radio Ceredigion
Radio City 96.7
Radio Exe
Radio Pembrokeshire
Radio Wave 96.5
Reading 107
Real Radio
Real Radio XS

Note: This application requires a mobile internet connection or wifi

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UK Radio Player is not on the Top Apps Categories from Google Play
Top Apps Rankings
UK Radio Player is not on the Top Apps Rankings from Google Play

Keyword Density Analyzer

Keyword cloud

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app 2.65%
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london 1.99%
features 1.32%
enjoy 1.32%
free 1.32%
Words density
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