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Feb 03, 2023
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Zwift: Ride and Run
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Real results, real fun.
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Just connect your smart trainer — like the Zwift Hub that’s available on — or smart bike with Zwift and chase down your goals from the comfort of home. Ride with real people across the globe. Choose from countless routes with amazing views. Race, workout, or just go for a casual pedal. Get fit as you make friends on Zwift, the place where indoor riding is actually fun and delivers real results. TRAINING PLANS Our plans are built by world-class coaches and are one of the most efficient ways to train. Customized to your current fitness, they adjust on the fly. Whether you’ve been training a bunch or less than you would like, they’ll even re-calibrate as you progress through the plan. Your only job is to follow the guidance and watch the results roll in. A MASSIVE MENU OF WORKOUTS Only have 30 minutes? There are plenty of on-demand short sessions to choose from. Have more time? There are even more options for all levels, whether you want to train for a specific event, get fit, or fine-tune your race fitness. CONTAGIOUS MOTIVATION ON TAP 24-7 Need a kickstart? There are countless group rides to choose from. Or join a pacer group: these rides never stop, so you can hop in whenever you want for as long as you want. Whether you want to go slow and easy or push your limits, there’s a pace for you. Have a personal record or personal best you want to beat? HoloReplay is waiting for you. This digital muse goes at the exact pace of your previous time to help you level up and beat that number! EXPLORE FROM HOME Thanks to countless miles of roads across 11 immersive worlds, there's always something new to discover. Joyride around the rolling hills of Watopia, crush the climbs and mountain passes of Innsbruck, and get your race on in Crit City. Want more? Stick around. We're always adding more digital tarmac. GRAN FONDOS, TOURS, AND MORE Thanks to countless Gran Fondos (each with different length options), multi-stage tours, and events with VIPs from the worlds of cycling, triathlon, and running, there’s plenty to choose from. RACING Going shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow athletes is one of the most efficient ways to get fit. And on Zwift, you don’t have to worry about crashes! There are loads of competitions for first-timers, elite competitors, and everyone in between. With short, medium, and long options, there’s sure to be one for you. Thanks to Zwift’s massive community, there’s always a good turnout. Of course, there are safeties in place to ensure fairness. MAKE YOUR AVATAR YOUR OWN Customization is the name of the game, right down to your avatar. Choose from different hairstyles and looks for your avatar. And the more you ride, the more you unlock. That includes kits, helmets, sunglasses, and more. As you ride, you’ll earn Drops. Use these to upgrade your avatar’s frame and wheels while building a drool-worthy quiver of bicycles. These bikes all have different characteristics so that you can fine-tune your bike for specific events. THE FUN KEEPS COMING New maps, routes, and features are regularly released. These updates ensure fun around every corner—inspiring you to go a little harder, ride a bit longer, and keep coming back. RUN With a smart treadmill or a device like a footpod — you can get a RunPod from — or a connected shoe, you can also run on Zwift. THE REVIEWS ARE IN “I was soon hooked, pitting myself against thousands of riders from around the world.” The Guardian “Thanks to indoor training app Zwift however, you don’t have to be a World Tour cyclist to attack some of the world's most famous stages.” Red Bull magazine “It’s made indoor training fun, and that’s something I never thought I’d say.” "Zwifting means you never have to ride inside alone.” Bicycling “Zwift racing is possibly some of the most constructive training I’ve ever done.” Cycling Weekly Download Today Please see Terms of Use at}
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Some Latest Reviews

29 Jan, 2023
The HBM is super buggy and most of the times doesn’t work. Fix it!
28 Jan, 2023
Fighting with avatar on other track! No avatar on all the tracks! No contro in assignments!
27 Jan, 2023
Sync with apple iwatch never works. Also expensive compared to other apps
Ken Tech
27 Jan, 2023
Pairing with my treadmill is broken in the latest update.
26 Jan, 2023
I can no longer connect to or use my wahoo kickr with Zwift! Worked fine until the latest update. Not even a way to pick from the list!
26 Jan, 2023
Prévoir d’urgence la langue française pour votre application !
25 Jan, 2023
I love the app, but I feel that the graphics on the new AppleTV 4K are not optimised. The UI just looks stretched and clunky.
21 Jan, 2023
After trying a bunch of fitness apps I settled on Zwift as it seemed like the best one. Conceptually it’s great and when it works properly it is excellent. Unfortunately it comes loaded with bugs. It will lose pairing with my Apple Watch in the middle of a ride so I have to pause and try to reconnect which usually takes several attempts. And no, it’s nothing to do with the watch or iOS as it works perfectly doing Apple workouts. Also it hijacks my watch’s fitness app so that it won’t stop even when the workout is done. It’s a real shame. Seems like these would be fairly easy bugs to fix if they could be bothered trying.
Zeppelin :-)
21 Jan, 2023
Tried a few indoor cycling apps but stuck with Zwift for the verity, races, club rides and general fun… Ride on


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Voted: 49.68K
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Categories: Health & Fitness
Size: 2809MB
iAP: 14.99 - 14.99 $
App Age: 6 years 2 months
Release Date: Dec 10, 2016
Last Update: Feb 03, 2023
Version: 1.33.2
Version history
Feb 03, 2023
• Drops will now accumulate correctly for Zwifters with Drop balances greater than 1 million. We will be granting Drops for affected users in the near future, with no action needed from Zwifters. • Fixed an issue which caused some treadmills to not appear in the Device Pairing screen. • Fixed an issue that could cause Zwifters to go off-route on specific routes in Makuri Islands events • Fixed an issue causing the lead in for Ocean Lava Cliffside Loop to be treated as a full route instead of the actual lead in distance. This was affecting HoloReplay spawns on the route.
Jan 25, 2023
• Zwift runners can now run all the way to level 30 and earn new rewards along the way! • A new event-only world is added: Scotland! Stay tuned for more details • HoloReplays will now be recorded and spawned for complete routes in addition to segments. They will be recorded from all non-rubberbanded activities, and will only spawn in free rides (including RoboPacer rides). • HoloReplays will now wait for their rider at the beginning of the segment • HoloReplay information added to the HUD. • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Trainer Difficulty to revert to the max setting • Minor audio fixes • Minor bug fixes

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