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Avg. Rating
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68 546
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Avg. Short Description Length
Avg. Description Length
2 370
Avg. Number of Screenshots
Avg. App Age
7y 10m
Avg. Price
Avg. In-app Purchases Price
$0.61 - $6.06
Update Frequency
3m 26d
Avg. Days from Last Update
4m 6d
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In App Purchase
ASO Score Scores
1 +1
4.7 48
2 +2
Publisher: SEEKRTECH CO., LTD.
4.8 60
Publisher: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
4.2 38
4 -3
Publisher: Yuji Adachi
4.4 36
5 +1
Publisher: Domus Technica BV
4.8 40
6 -1
Publisher: Threema GmbH
4.3 68
7 +3
Publisher: Ankitects Pty Ltd
4.3 58
Publisher: Shadow Launch Technology Limited
Category: Utilities
4.3 47
4.7 42
10 +6
Publisher: Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting
3.1 36
11 +8
Publisher: Ian Muriss
4.6 55
12 -5
Publisher: A Tasty Pixel
4.8 43
Publisher: Crunchy Bagel Pty Ltd
4.8 51
14 +7
Publisher: Terminal Eleven LLC
4.7 43
15 +2
Publisher: Core Coders Ltd
4.2 48
16 -4
Publisher: Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG
4.8 45
17 -2
0.0 38
18 -7
Publisher: Cogitap Software
4.6 38
19 +5
Publisher: Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting
3.5 46
Publisher: Tinkerworks Apps
Category: Photo & Video
4.6 42
21 +7
Publisher: Vito Technology Inc.
4.7 57
22 +19
Publisher: Cocologics GmbH
4.7 58
23 +4
Publisher: Toca Boca AB
4.1 36
24 +8
Publisher: Monash University
4.1 33
25 +25
Publisher: Raja V
4.8 51
26 +7
Publisher: Shanghai Linguan Data Co.,Ltd
4.8 42
27 -4
Publisher: Corsair Memory, Inc.
4.4 64
28 -14
Publisher: EIGHTIVE DESIGN, Inc.
4.5 19
29 +13
Publisher: Primate Labs Inc.
Category: Utilities
4.5 29
30 +8
Publisher: Cheol Kim
3.6 44
31 -6
Publisher: TeamSpeak Systems Inc
3.1 32
32 -10
Publisher: Moment Inc.
4.4 61
33 -3
Publisher: Realtime Dreams Limited
4.3 44
34 +in
Publisher: Argosy Publishing
4.8 64
35 +in
Category: Utilities
4.6 39
36 -2
Publisher: Ableton AG
Category: Music
4.5 42
37 +12
Publisher: Hindsight Labs LLC
Category: Food & Drink
4.8 48
38 +in
Publisher: LiveBird Technologies Private Limited
4.7 43
39 +in
Publisher: Dave Pascoe
3.7 45
40 +in
Publisher: Fulvio Scichilone
4.5 45
41 -12
Publisher: Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting
4.2 47
42 -16
Publisher: Open Planet Software Limited
4.2 46
43 +in
Publisher: Realbyte Inc.
4.8 45
3.7 41
45 +in
Publisher: Kraus und Karnath GbR 2Kit Consulting
3.4 39
46 +in
Publisher: Arno Appenzeller
4.1 40
47 +in
Publisher: Eden Software Limited
3.7 38
48 -11
Publisher: PhotoPills S.L.
4.8 43
49 -14
Publisher: PeakFinder GmbH
4.8 42
50 -32
Publisher: Mojang AB
4.4 62

Enhancing your app’s product page is very important these days — that’s basically what App Store Optimization is about. The two major mobile app distribution platforms are filled with thousands of excellent apps and mobile games. Due to this ferocious competition, enhancing your app visibility and attracting organic traffic has become a challenging task. 

In this piece, you’ll find some of the best paid apps for iOS, lay your fingertips on the stats behind their success, and explore some really useful tips for understanding your audience and, thus, eventually amplifying your advantage over the competition. So, if you intend on making it to a solid popular paid apps chart like ours one day, you’re welcome to keep reading this post.

How to optimize paid apps?

Are you interested in finding your product among the top paid apps in App Store? Then you should master the art of enhancing the performance of your app store listing. That’s exactly what ASO or App Store Optimization is about. Because even if you’ve created one of the best apps for shopping or, say, listening to music on the go, simply showcasing it to your potential consumers isn’t enough. If you want your startup to truly shine, you need to work on its optimization daily. 

Here’s what you should especially concentrate on:


  • your startup title;

  • its subtitle and URL;

  • keyword field;

  • user testimonials;

  • consumer engagement and installs.


If you want to skyrocket your startup to the best paid apps on iPhone level, the following tips will come in handy:

  1. Evaluate your app’s current performance to know exactly where you stand.
  2. Analyze your competitors’ approach to keyword optimization.
  3. Explore your user reviews and tweak your app based on their negative reviews.
  4. Refine your visual assets, such as your app icon, screenshots, etc.

Having said all that, we cannot stress enough how much competition analysis is important in terms of your ASO strategy. Determining the steps your strongest competitors took to succeed can set the right direction for your further work. Don’t forget that thousands of teams behind your rival startups are looking to reach the vital iOS top paid apps milestone. Therefore, you should work really hard if you want to one day wake up to see your product among, say, top medical apps for patients.

Top 10 paid iPhone apps 2023

  • AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch
  • Forest: Focus for Productivity
  • Procreate Pocket
  • Fliqlo
  • The Wonder Weeks
  • Threema. The Secure Messenger
  • AnkiMobile Flashcards
  • Shadowrocket
  • HeartWatch: Heart Rate Tracker
  • Screen Mirroring+ App

Whether you’re rummaging the net for the best app for organizing life or longing for an exciting mobile video game, we’ve covered you. Our platform is your go-to tool for all your entertainment-seeking or analytical aspirations. Here, your chances of finding what you need increase tenfold.

Statistics for paid apps for iPhone 

Average Rating of App Store paid apps is 4.3. This index is less than the Average Rating of all apps.

The average Number of Ratings for chosen apps is 68 546. The average time since the last update of applications is 10 days.

Average Size of App Store paid apps is 115.12MB. Typical age of apps in this category is 7y 10m.

You can download the best App Store paid apps by using a search bar or by clicking each app’s icon.

Analysis is key when it comes to developing a successful ASO plan and taking steps towards elevating your product to the Apple best paid apps height. It’s easy to guess that without powerful stats and behind-the-scenes insights, analysis is useless. Luckily for you, Asolytics provides you with all the necessary data to back your competitor evaluation and catapult your startup to the top rated paid apps stage. With our assistance, your hard work is guaranteed to pay off.