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Avg. Rating
Avg. Number of Ratings (Voted)
5 739 099
Avg. Title Length
Avg. Short Description Length
Avg. Description Length
2 504
Avg. Number of Screenshots
Avg. App Age
8y 5m
Avg. Price
All Free
Avg. In-app Purchases Price
$3.49 - $60.84
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Are you interested in the best apps for iPhone? You’ve come to the right place. In this piece, we’ll let you delve deeper into the topic, provide our vision of top iPhone apps, let you in on important stats and insights, as well as share some tips on app optimization. So, let’s dive right in!

How to optimize apps?

Reaching the champion position in various top rated app charts is a decent goal to aim at. To achieve it, you’re going to need to master the art of mobile app promotion in general and App Store Optimization in particular. So, you’ve created an amazing product that’s worth a million top Apple app awards. However, with fierce competition within literally any mobile-focused niche, you’re going to need to do some smart work to succeed in your noble best-app endeavor. 

iOS-aimed and ASO-wise, the following factors should be kept a laser-like focus on:


  • your app name, subtitle, and URL;

  • keyword field;

  • user reviews;

  • installs and user commitment.


Here are some handy hacks for you to make the most of if you’re aimed at effective app optimization:


  • create a smart strategy;

  • explore keyword optimization;

  • come up with an attention-grabbing and relevant name for your app;

  • create an effective icon;

  • make your creatives stand out;

  • stimulate your app users to leave reviews about your product.


Finally, yet importantly, competitor analysis is also among the vital steps to be taken on your way to success. That way, you’ll make informed decisions as to the most effective ways to optimize your startup and skyrocket it to stardom. Your mobile promotion strategy should take all the modern tendencies into account and based on the latest trends. Whether you’re looking to optimize the best app for travel or the best GPS app for iPhone, the aforelisted tips are pretty much universal. 

Top 10 iPhone apps 2023

Today, your smartphone is capable of just about anything, from bolstering your vocab to enhancing your baking skills. And if you’re an iOS fan, the App Store contains a treasure trove of apps within its popular categories. And that’s basically our take on top apps in iOS. 

Statistics for iPhone apps

Average Rating of App Store apps is 4.5. This index is less than the Average Rating of all apps.

The average Number of Ratings for chosen apps is 5 739 099. The average time since the last update of applications is 10 days.

Average Size of App Store apps is 494.42MB. Typical age of apps in this category is 8y 5m.

You can download the best App Store apps by using a search bar or by clicking each app’s icon.

iPhone apps are currently on the rise, and it seems like an ongoing trend. Are you on the prowl for some analytical insights related to the best iPhone application in your field of work? Today’s your lucky day. By using the Asolytics stats, you will easily analyze the most current trends and patterns on the marketing scene.

We hope you’ll use the data provided in this post to your maximum advantage. We update our analyses and stats regularly, for this is a highly changeable scene. Remember that if you want your product to make it to the reputable top social media apps chart or achieve a similar level of success, you need to work on optimization nonstop. With our expert assistance and our something-for-everybody app-boosting platform, this work will be worth it in the long run. Add this post to favorites to return for more updates and hacks.